Subscribing to UTB

As I explain on the churches page, UTB came out of an outreach course where people wanted to continue learning and growing in the Christian faith. Over the last few months I have been working on a way of making this available to other churches, and it is now ready.

Once you have registered your church with UTB (you’ll need to create an account first), you may now create a subscription.

What is a subscription?

A subscription will allow you to add church members and create groups.

How much is it?

Every church starts with a free subscription which will allow you to create one group and use the “What is Christianity?” course.

If you want to create more groups or use more courses, you’ll have to buy a subscription. The only difference between them is how many people and groups you can have.

Currently prices are:

Subscription SizeMax MembersMax GroupsMonthly PriceAnnual Price

I think these are reasonable prices – compare with how much money you would spend on home group study materials for 100 people!

What can you do with a group?

Once your church is registered, you can add members and organise people into groups. These groups are for study, equivalent to small groups or home groups in many churches.

Example of a group home page

Each group has a home page (see the screenshot) which can display any information you like e.g. Zoom login information, what you’re studying at the moment, upcoming meetings, contact details, etc.

Group leaders can send messages and schedule meetings.

What can you do with meetings?

An example of a meeting page

Meetings can be scheduled for a group. Each meeting will have a date and time and location. The difference with UTB is that each meeting can be linked with a particular session – in the example above, linked with the first session of the “What is Christianity?” course.

The leader can add additional notes, e.g. links to any other resources or information that may be needed for the session.

Group members can opt to have a reminder sent to them before the meeting is due to happen.

App Integration

There is an Understand the Bible app available for both iOS and Android (see the menu on the right side of the page). People who use the app will receive notifications of upcoming meetings and be able to view the information through the app.

I am hoping to add new features regularly. The best thing to do might be simply to register your church and see what you can do!

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