Course: Heidelberg pt 1: Guilt

The Heidelberg Catechism can be divided up into three sections – guilt, grace, and gratitude. In this first (and shortest) section of the catechism, we look at our guilt and sinfulness. It’s important to begin here, as the good news requires that we listen to the bad news first!

  • #1: Our only comfort Q1 of the catechism is rightly famous: “What is your only comfort (hope) in life and in death?” Many people turn to all sorts of things for comfort and hope – but the catechism answers with the ultimate hope that we have, which far surpasses anything else.
  • #2: The Law of God In this Lord’s Day we start the first of three on our guilt. What is the law of God, and can we keep it?
  • #3: Where does evil come from? In this session, we start to think about the question: “Did God make us like this? And, if not, why is there evil in the world?”
  • #4: Is God unjust? The first question in this session is an important one – isn’t God unjust to make us follow commands which we can’t keep? In this session we explore the question of God’s justice.
  • Total: 4 sessions.
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