Course: How to live as a Christian

This series is all about the basics of living a Christian life. What do you need to do in order to start living life as a Christian?

  • 1. Following Jesus In the first part of this course we think about what it means to be a Christian, we think about following Jesus and witnessing to him. What does it mean, and how can we put it into practice in our lives?
  • 2. Prayer What is prayer? How should we pray? When we should we pray? Find answers to all these questions in this introduction to prayer!
  • 3. Reading the Bible How do you start reading the Bible? In this video we think about what version you should choose, where in the Bible you should start, and how to actually start reading. Plus – a few resources to help you get started!
  • 4. Going to Church Why is it important to go to church? Isn’t it impractical with modern life? Why should we bother? Here I give four reasons why it’s important to be a part of church!
  • 5. Taking Communion What is communion and why is it important? In this video we think about communion – how we should take it, how often, and how important it is or isn’t.
  • 6. Serving Others In this video we think about how we can serve others – our church, our neighbours, and our community.
  • 7. Money and Giving In this video we look at the issue of money and giving. The Bible has a lot to say about how we use our money, and it’s an important part of the Christian life.
  • 8. Marriage & Sex This is the only one of the How to Live as a Christian series where we think about specific sins. Why should we think about marriage and sex, and how do we obey Christ in this way?
  • 9. Raising Children The final part of the course looks at how we should raise children. Passing the faith on to the next generation is key – how do we do it?
  • Total: 9 sessions.
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