Lesson: #1: What is Original Sin? | Romans 5:12-21

Part of course: Justification




Justification is probably one of the most important issues which Christians don’t think much about. And yet, at the time of the reformation it was described as the doctrine on which the reformation would stand or fall. Why is it so important? In this new series, we delve into the topic of justification, following the 39 Articles – a document produced at the time of the reformation, part of the foundation of the Church of England.

The main passage in the video is Romans 5:12-21 – read online here: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=romans+512-21&version=NIVUK

You can read the 39 Articles (with updated English version) online here: http://archive.churchsociety.org/issues_new/documents/Text_39Articles.pdf