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Introducing myself - phillsacre - 09-04-2023

As I'm encouraging everyone to introduce themselves, I thought I'd better get the ball rolling.

I'm Phill, the creator of Understand the Bible. I've been a Christian for almost as long as I can remember - I made a decision when I was five years old, and haven't looked back since.

I was ordained in the Church of England, but I left the CofE in 2023 and am now independent. 

Before training for ordination I was a software developer, so Understand the Bible is a good mix of my interests - computing and the Bible! I used to be involved with various forums when I started getting into the internet, so I know how helpful they can be to build community.

I live on the Essex coast (Clacton-on-Sea), and would love to connect with anyone who is in this area.

That's probably enough about me to be going on with, I'm sure there will be more in due course...