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Hello - spottydogowner - 09-09-2023

Firstly, thanks, Phill, for setting this up. I remember forums with a great deal of affection.

I was brought up going to Sunday School and church; my dad was a sidesman, a church warden and eventually a non-stipendiary minister. I rebelled as a teenager and continued heading in the wrong direction until I travelled the road to Damascus (well, Stoke Mandeville). Since then my walk with Christ has varied in pace and intensity, but, thankfully, it IS a walk with Christ.

I have assorted hobbies that I’m not very good at, an old Dalmatian and a desire to find any church that is Bible-based and non-woke. I’m a young(ish) 58 and my pronouns are . . .

RE: Hello - phillsacre - 09-10-2023

Welcome! Great to have you here. I’m glad that other people too have fond memories of forums! (Or should that be fora?!) ?

RE: Hello - spottydogowner - 09-10-2023

Ah, fora. Latin is like a possum, you only think it's dead.

RE: Hello - phillsacre - 09-11-2023

(09-10-2023, 03:12 PM)spottydogowner Wrote: Ah, fora. Latin is like a possum, you only think it's dead.

Big Grin