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Welcome! - Please read
Welcome to the Understand the Bible forums!

I have been participating in internet forums for almost as long as I've been using the internet. Although they may seem a little old-fashioned these days, I think forums are still one of the best ways of connecting people on the internet. (In my opinion, they are WAY better than Facebook groups).

Do feel free to introduce yourself - leave a post in this forum and tell us about yourself.

One of the things I'm most keen on is to connect people with others who use Church with UTB, so there is a whole forum just for that. If you're looking for other people to meet with in your area, do post in that forum.

Otherwise, please remember to be polite, and please stick to the topic (i.e. try not to derail threads). If you see any bad behaviour please report it to the moderators, and please abide by their decision.

In general, we welcome polite discussion and engagement, even where there is disagreement. We hope that you enjoy using the forums!

~ Phill (creator of Understand the Bible)

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