Discipleship Programme


A basic introduction to Christianity. I would strongly recommend everyone to start here.

What is Christianity?

A short (6-part) overview of the Christian faith where we get a bird's eye view of the whole Bible to see the big picture.

Christian Basics

How do we go about living a Christian life? Exploring what it means to be a Christian in a bit more detail.

New City Catechism

The New City Catechism is designed to be an overview of the Christian faith. It's an excellent way of learning the Christian faith from the beginning.

Sermon on the Mount

A lot of people have heard of the sermon on the mount - it is Jesus' most famous teaching. And yet, few people know what it actually contains! It is a comprehensive overview of what the Christian life is all about, straight from Jesus himself.

Going Deeper

For those who want to dive a bit deeper into specific topics about the Christian faith.


Justification is probably the most important Christian topic that most Christians spend very little time thinking about! In this series we probe into it a bit more deeply using the Church of England's 39 Articles.

Cover image for course Justification
What is sin?

In this series we probe a bit deeper into what sin actually is and what its consequences are.

Cover image for course What is sin?

Heidelberg Catechism

The Heidelberg Catechism was first published in 1563 - it's been used by Christians now for over 450 years to teach the Christian faith. It is truly 'tried and tested' - you will find that it doesn't disappoint you in learning what the Christian faith and the Bible are all about.

Part 1: Guilt

The Heidelberg Catechism can be divided up into three sections - guilt, grace, and gratitude. In this first (and shortest) section of the catechism, we look at our guilt and sinfulness. It's important to begin here, as the good news requires that we listen to the bad news first!