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This website is devoted to helping you to Understand the Bible – but one of the biggest issues can be knowing where to start. There’s so much to learn – where do you begin? This page gives you a sort of ‘road map’ as to how best to move forward.

If you’re new to the Christian faith, or simply want the best place to start with Understand the Bible, this page will help you get started.

Important note: Understand the Bible a companion to going to church, not a replacement for it! You should commit to being part of a church family local to you.

Before you begin

One thing I would highly recommend is finding a course near you such as Christianity Explored or Alpha (you can find a link on those websites to find a local course). These are popular courses which many churches run to introduce people to the Christian faith. These courses have two advantages: they give you a basic grounding in what Christians believe and introduce the Bible, and they also introduce you to Christians in your local area. Doing a course like this is the best way of getting into understanding the Bible. It’s not absolutely essential but I would recommend for anyone to make it a priority.

For complete beginners

If you’re new to the Christian faith, or you’ve been a Christian for some time but feel that you don’t know much about it, I recommend that you start with the New City Catechism. A Catechism is an old-fashioned word, but it’s simply a series of questions and answers designed to teach you the Christian faith. This one is 52 Q&As (that number chosen specifically so it would take a year, but you can do it in less time!) That will help you to understand the Christian faith from scratch.

When you’ve done that, you might want to look at a short series – How to Grow as a Christian.

You might also be interested in the Bible Wisdom series, which looks at how the Bible relates to different contemporary issues.

For people who are new to faith I would also particularly recommend the series What is Sin? and the Sermon on the Mount.

For those new to UTB

If you’re a Christian but new to UTB, I would suggest exploring the ‘Video Archive’ menu above to see if there is anything which interests you. But in general the the best thing might simply be to subscribe (via YouTube, Podcast or email) and get the latest episodes as they come out.

Join the community

Whether you’re new to the faith or whether you’ve been a Christian for years, you are invited to join the community – join our discussion forums and help each other to Understand the Bible. You will be welcome to join and ask whatever questions you like!