How Christians should relate to government | Luke 20:20-26 | Sermon

Jesus’ words in this passage are famous: “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s”. But what does he mean, and what is the Bible’s view of how Christians should relate to earthly authorities?

I thought it was particularly timely to be talking about this given the events of the weekend (Dominic Cummings) and I do make reference to that in the sermon. But this isn’t about that!

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Please add your church!

One of my biggest concerns with UTB is that it doesn’t just become an online ministry with no link to the local church. As such, what I’ve been trying to do is make it possible to add and search for churches by location.

Anyway, it is now possible to add your church to the UTB database. The main thing I ask is that churches be in agreement with the Evangelical Alliance basis of faith, which I thought was probably the best way of getting a broad base of evangelical churches.

The public listings will be available from the local section, which I haven’t made live yet but you can take a “sneak peek” here.

Anyway, please do add your church and let me know if you have any problems!

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Ascension Day

I’ve been busy working on Part 2 of the Heidelberg Catechism (Lord’s Day’s 5-31). It should be ready to go live here in about two weeks, but if you’d like a sneak peek, here’s the video on Ascension Day (I thought it was appropriate given that it is ascension day today).

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New Course: Heidelberg Catechism pt 1 (Guilt)

Yesterday I created a new course with the videos I’ve been doing on the Heidelberg Catechism. If you’d like to have a ‘sneak peek’ at the sessions you can do so on the course page. It will take me a bit longer to work on parts two and three of the catechism (“grace” and “gratitude”), but my aim is to get them done as soon as I can.

I’ve really been enjoying the Heidelberg – it’s a great catechism and has been well-loved by generations for a reason. I hope that you enjoy studying it here with UTB.

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The Understand the Bible App

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on a mobile app for Understand the Bible. Last week I submitted the Android app to Google, and it has been approved. I am now ready to start testing the app.

If you’d like to help out by testing the app before it is released, please do get in touch. There’s no risk to testing an app, and I think the app is ready, but it would be good just to check that it works on a range of devices!

Actually, I think you might be able to get there just be visiting this website.

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