How to Support

In order for Understand the Bible to grow, I need your help! You can help in the following ways:

Give financial support

Understand the Bible videos are provided free of charge. If you benefit from them, or you’d simply like to support UTB, then please consider supporting financially! Even a small amount of money per month will make a difference. There are two ways of doing that.

  1. Become a Patreon. If you haven’t come across Patreon before, they allow you to support people financially, and you get things in return (e.g. if you pay a bit more you get “behind the scenes” access, and a few other things).
  2. Give directly by direct debit (either one-off or monthly). I appreciate that Patreon is not for everyone, but if you’d still like to support UTB you can do so via that page.
  3. Give via PayPal – I know PayPal is a bit easier for many people, so you can give that way too!

Please Pray

I’d really appreciate it if you’d consider praying regularly for this ministry. If you use the wonderful PrayerMate App then I have set up an Understand the Bible feed to get regular prayer points. You can use the link below to subscribe. If you don’t have PrayerMate, or if you would like to get updates by email as well, you can subscribe to the newsletter as well.

Please Share

One of the biggest problems I have is getting these videos into the hands of those who would most appreciate it. This is where I need your help. One thing you can do is subscribe on social media – it helps Facebook, YouTube etc. to know that people want to watch these videos and makes it more likely they will show them to other people. You can do that by:

You can also share individual videos on your Facebook page. etc.

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