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Do you have questions about the Bible or the Christian faith? You’re in the right place!

I know that a lot of people have a lot of questions about Christianity or the Bible. That’s only natural. If you’re exploring Christianity, you can’t be expected to start out knowing everything! It takes time to learn.

When I started out, I had lots of questions about the Bible too. As I carried on as a Christian I began to read and find out some answers. Although I still have questions – as do we all – I’ve come to believe that there are answers to our questions. They’re not always answers that we like, or easy answers. But they are there.

The problem is, it’s not always easy to find out the answers to those questions. Google isn’t always that helpful: you can find answers from lots of different perspectives. Some of them might be academic, some of them might be from atheists. You can’t always guarantee you can find something helpful.

I’ve decided to start a section here: “Your questions answered”. If you ask a question, I promise to look into it and come up with an answer.

How do I ask a question?

Lots of ways. You can comment below one of the videos, or leave a comment on this page. Or just send in a message via the contact page. I promise to read every one of them.

Watch the Videos

I will add all the Your questions answered videos to this playlist.

Index of questions

These are the questions I have answered so far.

  1. Can we see the original version of the Bible?
  2. How can we know the Bible is true?
  3. Do Christians need to keep the 10 Commandments?
  4. How does God guide us?
  5. Why should we use set prayers / liturgy?
  6. How should Christians keep Sabbath? (Written only – no video)
  7. The main difference between Protestants and Catholics
  8. Should Christians get involved in politics?
  9. Do Christians have to go to Church?
  10. How do we understand violence in the Old Testament?
  11. Why does God command Abraham to sacrifice Isaac?
  12. Does God give us what we want?
  13. What Song of Songs teaches us about love
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