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What is Understand the Bible about?

Understand the Bible is all about helping you to learn what Christianity is and how to live it out in everyday life. It doesn’t matter if you are new to faith, I aim to cater for people at every stage – from complete beginners to lifelong churchgoers.

Content is regularly uploaded to the YouTube Channel, and most weeks this follows the same schedule:

If you’d just like to browse what’s available, have a look at the YouTube channel. If you’d like to receive a weekly email with new content on the website, please subscribe to the mailing list.

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If you’re new to Christianity, these two courses have been designed to help you get started. There are other courses slowly being added to the courses page.

Other Features

Occasionally I publish videos which are not part of the “one per week” series. Here are a couple of additional features which you might be interested in:

On the blog

Sometimes I create written content for the blog rather than videos. Here are a couple of written series on the blog which you might appreciate:

What are people saying about Understand the Bible?

Obviously I like Understand the Bible because I created it. But what do other people say?

Just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the Catechism. I am hearing things that make total sense but I had not heard before and I’ve been trying to follow Jesus a very, very long time – like us created perfectly able to obey Gods law! Thank you so much

Celia, via email

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