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How does it work?

Understand the Bible is all about helping you to learn the Christian faith. I aim to be accessible to people who are beginners or haven’t been in church for a long time – but it’s OK to join if you’re a regular churchgoer as well! Every week, I create one new video to teach the Christian faith. The idea is to create a comprehensive course which you can either start from the beginning, or join in as we go.

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Other Features

Occasionally I publish videos which are not part of the “one per week” series. Here are a couple of additional features which you might be interested in:

On the blog

Sometimes I create written content for the blog rather than videos. Here are a couple of written series on the blog which you might appreciate:

What are people saying about Understand the Bible?

Obviously I like Understand the Bible because I created it. But what do other people say?

Just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the Catechism. I am hearing things that make total sense but I had not heard before and I’ve been trying to follow Jesus a very, very long time – like us created perfectly able to obey Gods law! Thank you so much

Celia, via email

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