Confused by Grace

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Many people are confused by grace.

For example, have you ever considered questions like these:

  • Why should we obey God if he forgives us anyway?
  • Do Christians need to obey the Ten Commandments?
  • What does it mean to have freedom as a Christian?

This book will help you to answer these questions and put the pieces of the Christian life together. You will discover how God wants us to obey him. It’s not a matter of obeying the law in our own strength. Instead, we need to love through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Available in Kindle and Paperback editions.


Phill manages to write an easy to read yet perfectly comprehensive summary of the idea of ‘Grace’ and what that means when living the Christian life. The comparisons between Phariseeism and Christianity are very interesting, as is the fairly ‘deep dive’ into the wider message of the Ten Commandments.
I would recommend the book not only to those new to the faith but to anybody with an interest in what the Christian life is all about.

MissM, via Amazon

Highly readable, practical and engaging exposition on the concept of grace within the Christian worldview.

C.W. Gramstadt, via Amazon
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