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On this page I’ve tried to collect some helpful resources for those learning the Christian faith. Most of these are online, but I start out recommending some books you might like to try.

Books for beginners

I wrote a post about books for beginners to help you understand the Bible. I recommend a Bible, a book to help you read the Bible, and book to help you understand the big picture of the Bible.

Have a look: Three books for beginners.

Online Resources

The internet can be a blessing and a curse: there’s so much information on the internet, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for… but a lot of it can be poor quality or misleading. I’ve tried to assemble a list of resources here which are worth bookmarking and knowing about – things which you can trust. If there’s anything missing, do get in touch.

Bible Reading

  • Bible Gateway – an easy to use online Bible with lots of different translations available. You can even listen to the Bible being read (my tip: choose the version ‘New International Version – UK’ and you can listen to it being read by David Suchet…)
  • YouVersion Bible App – if you like to have the Bible as an app. You can download translations to your mobile for offline use.
  • Explore Bible Notes App – the Explore Bible notes help you to understand the Bible day-by-day, and they are even available in an app!
  • Bible in One Year – a Bible app which helps you to read the Bible every day and gives you notes to help you understand it.
  • Daily Readings App – based on C.H. Spurgeon’s famous “Morning and Evening” with meditations on the Bible for you each day.
  • Redeeming Time – app to help you spend the time you’d normally spend on social media reading the Bible. See my review here.

Video Resources

  • Video Bible Talks – lots of videos on the Bible, designed to be used especially for young people or in small groups.
  • Christianity Explored – lots of good videos for people with questions about faith. Also the Christianity Explored, Discipleship Explored and Life Explored courses are all great!
  • Speak Life – lots of videos engaging with popular culture and dealing with issues of the day.
  • The Bible Applied – videos aimed especially at young people and teenagers.
  • Unbelievable – a regular show on Premier Christian Radio which often hosts debates on various topics e.g. Christianity and atheism.
  • Desiring God – resources from John Piper, including the regular “Ask Pastor John” videos where he answers questions sent in by listeners.

Tough Questions

  • BeThinking.org – a website aimed primarily at students with lots of helpful articles about tough questions which people ask.
  • Reasonable Faith – the website of William Lane Craig, who often debates atheists and has many articles defending Christianity.
  • Sceptics’ Space – a YouTube channel for people who are looking for answers to tough questions.

Where to find good books etc.

Anything else?…

I’ve tried to include a reasonable selection of resources here, but there are plenty on the internet. If there are any you think I should include, or if you want a resource on something specific but it doesn’t come under these headings, please let me know.

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