I aim to publish a sermon every week. These sermons are usually preached as part of my own church. Part of the reason for publishing sermons is that they are not the same as simply ‘Bible teaching’: a sermon is encouraging people to put together how the Bible relates to everyday life. I think this is vital for Understanding the Bible: not simply understanding for the sake of knowing more, but recognising that the Bible has implications for how we live.

We need to keep listening to the Bible and letting it direct us our lives. I hope that you belong to a church where the Bible is preached regularly. I offer these sermons not as a replacement for church, but (hopefully) something which you can watch / listen to and appreciate during the week at your own leisure.

Sermons are available in video format (on YouTube) and on the podcast.

If you’d like to simply like to browse all sermons, you may do so via the Sermons category.

Bible book index

I tag each sermon with the book of the Bible it is based on, so if you are looking for something on a particular Bible book you can find it here.

Old Testament

New Testament

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