Livestream Course

Join an online (livestreamed) Bible Study looking at one of the Understand the Bible courses with Phill each Wednesday afternoon!

Over the last few months, I have been running a small group at our church using the Understand the Bible courses. One of the good things about doing Understand the Bible with someone else is the opportunity to discuss and ask questions. I decided to try out doing a livestream version of the course, where anyone could join in and ask questions.

The sessions are livestreamed on YouTube each Wednesday at 3:30pm (UK time). I appreciate not everyone will be able to make that time, however the videos are still available afterwards and I am very happy to take questions by email / social media (just get in touch).

You could do the sessions as an individual, or as a group, or even as part of a church home group.

I’ve created a separate playlist for each course, or all the videos are available on this one playlist (newest videos first):

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