At Christmas-time in 2017 I decided that instead of writing a Christmas message, I’d record it as a video. Then from January 2018, I started uploading regular videos to YouTube about Christianity and the Bible. This has developed into “Understand the Bible”. Each week I publish a video / podcast (the content is the same – the podcast is just the audio stream from the video) on the Christian faith, either on a particular topical theme or on a Bible passage. I tend to alternate between working through a book of the Bible and doing a series thematically.

So, for example, I have done a series on the New City Catechism, the Sermon on the Mount, Philippians, Judges, What is Sin?, and How to Grow as a Christian – plus a few topical videos about things in the news.

Who am I?

Picture of Phill Sacre

My name is Phill Sacre, the creator of Understand the Bible. I am a pastor from the UK – I am ordained in the Church of England, I serve a parish on the Essex coast (Clacton). I trained for three years at Oak Hill Theological College in North London.

My background is in software development, I was working with websites since the age of about 14, so Understand the Bible is a good combination of my skills and interests!

If you’d like to know more about me personally, you can visit my personal website.