“Which crisis are you celebrating this year?” – Christmas Message 22 – Romans 8:31-39

An honest Christmas message: given all the crises we seem to be dealing with, is there any real hope at the moment? We look at Romans 8:31-39 to see that Jesus gives us hope especially in times of hardship.

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Last year’s Christmas message is still available to watch, Can you find Christmas lights bright enough for 2021?

All Christmas content on Understand the Bible is under the Christmas category. You might also enjoy the advent series about the day of the Lord.

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How to cope with suffering – Romans 8:18-30 Sermon

When we go through hard times and suffering, we often ask the question “Why?” Finding a reason can be so helpful in going through hard times. In this passage we think about what Paul says about hard times.

You might like to have the passage open – you can read it online here: Romans 8:18-30.

This sermon was preached for my church’s livestream on Sunday 7th Feb. We are currently working through Romans 8, so I make reference to the previous sermon (but it’s not essential to watch first!). The ‘Wednesday Worshippers’ sermon I refer to is also available here on Understand the Bible.

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