How to live as a Christian: A Guide

This series is now available as a video course if you’d prefer to do it that way!

Over the last few years I’ve helped a number of people take their first steps in the Christian faith. One of the things I’ve noticed is that people often need help with the basics of how to live a Christian life. If you’ve done a course such as the What is Christianity? course here, you’ll know about the Christian message. But how do you put that into practice day by day? That’s why I wanted to create this course. It’s a bird’s-eye-view of what the Christian life looks like.

It’s simple, practical ways the Bible calls us to put our faith into practice in our lives.

I’ve based this on a document I came across a few years ago called “A Short Guide to the Duties of Church Membership”. It was written back in 1954 by the then Archbishops of Canterbury and York. Although it’s over 60 years old, I think it remains a very helpful document as an overview of what it means to be a Christian. And it’s not just for Anglicans!

They included nine things in that list, which form the sessions that we’re going to go through:

  1. To follow the example of Christ in home and daily life, and to bear personal witness to Him.
  2. To be regular in private prayer day by day.
  3. To read the Bible carefully.
  4. To come to Church every Sunday.
  5. To receive the Holy Communion faithfully and regularly.
  6. To give personal service to Church, neighbours, and community.
  7. To give money for the work of parish and diocese and for the work of the Church at home and overseas.
  8. To uphold the standard of marriage entrusted by Christ to His Church.
  9. To care that children are brought up to love and serve the Lord.

In this series we’re going to work through each one on the list to show how these things can be lived out each day.

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