What is Christianity? Study Guide now available

Last week I announced that I was starting to write study guides for the What is Christianity? course. I’m pleased to say that this process has now been completed – there is now a group study guide for each video.

It includes a summary of the video contents as well as some questions which would be useful in a small group context. Each of the guides is available as a PDF.

Once I have completed the “How to Live as a Christian” video course, I am planning to write study guides for each of those episodes as well.

If you use them / find them useful, or if you’d like to suggest things which would be more helpful for you, please do get in touch to let me know.

Course Study Guides

One thing I’ve been meaning to do for a while now is create study guides for the different courses. I want the courses to be accessible to church groups, but I know that many leaders don’t have the confidence to lead on their own without a study guide. What I will be doing over the next few weeks is working my way through some of the courses to add study guides, starting with the What is Christianity? course.

I’ve already completed the study guide for the first session on Creation. I’d love any feedback you have about the format, what kind of things would be useful, etc.

If you’d like to use any of the Understand the Bible courses as part of a church group, you can do that online. See the churches subscription section for more information.

How to live as a Christian series complete

I have finished the “How to Live as a Christian” series! All nine parts of the course have now been completed. The final five are about Communion, Service, Money, Marriage and Parenting.

All of these things are important aspects of the Christian life which it’s important to get a handle on to live life as a Christian. This series has been written particularly with people new to faith in mind. You can see the whole thing on the series page.

Once you’ve done that, why not try signing up for the teaching programme, where you can do a course like the Heidelberg Catechism – a comprehensive overview of the Christian faith?

New publicity!

I decided that I needed to update the long out-of-date publicity flyers for Understand the Bible. Here are the results.

If you’d like to put any flyers up in your church or venue for Understand the Bible, let me know and I can get some to you!

How to live as a Christian – 4 sessions complete

I have completed the first four sessions of the How to live as a Christian series which I mentioned the other day. Those are: Following Christ’s example; Prayer; Reading the Bible; and going to Church.

The whole idea of the series is to give you some practical ways to get started with these things – not just tell you about it. That’s what I’ve tried to do so far.

I really hope you enjoy the series – please let me know if it’s helpful to you! Leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Attn Church Leaders! Using UTB in church groups

Over the past few months I’ve been working on a way of enabling churches to use UTB. I’m convinced that the internet is not a replacement for the local church. Lockdown has proved that – online church is not a substitute for real church! But nonetheless, the internet can be a very useful tool.

What I have done is enabled churches who register to create groups and meetings so that small groups can study the UTB courses together. A subscription will cost a little, but each church starts with a free subscription so you can try it out.

If you’d like to have more information, check out this page all about subscriptions. If you haven’t yet registered your church, it’s easy to do – just create a free account and then register your church. As soon as it’s registered you can start exploring groups.

Please add your church!

One of my biggest concerns with UTB is that it doesn’t just become an online ministry with no link to the local church. As such, what I’ve been trying to do is make it possible to add and search for churches by location.

Anyway, it is now possible to add your church to the UTB database. The main thing I ask is that churches be in agreement with the Evangelical Alliance basis of faith, which I thought was probably the best way of getting a broad base of evangelical churches.

The public listings will be available from the local section, which I haven’t made live yet but you can take a “sneak peek” here.

Anyway, please do add your church and let me know if you have any problems!

New Course: Heidelberg Catechism pt 1 (Guilt)

Yesterday I created a new course with the videos I’ve been doing on the Heidelberg Catechism. If you’d like to have a ‘sneak peek’ at the sessions you can do so on the course page. It will take me a bit longer to work on parts two and three of the catechism (“grace” and “gratitude”), but my aim is to get them done as soon as I can.

I’ve really been enjoying the Heidelberg – it’s a great catechism and has been well-loved by generations for a reason. I hope that you enjoy studying it here with UTB.