Friendship Resources

We hope Friend Zone is a good start, but there are many other sites / books / etc to help. Here is a collection of various different resources which you might appreciate.

Obviously if you are looking for resources to help you understand the Christian faith in general, check out the rest of this website!

Friendship & Relationships


  • Living Out – in many ways Living Out is the counterpart to Friend Zone but looking at things from a same-sex relationships angle. They cover similar ground but from a different perspective.
  • Fight the New Drug – a helpful website about pornography, with practical help for those who want to give it up.
  • Spiritual Friendship – ‘musings on God, Sexuality, Relationships’ – a website about friendship from a spiritual perspective.


  • Forbidden Friendships – ‘retaking the Biblical gift of male-female friendship’, by Joshua Jones. This is the book which started me off on the journey which led to creating this site.
  • Why can’t we be friends – ‘Avoidance is not purity’ by Aimee Byrd – a more in-depth look, Biblically and theologically, at male-female friendship.
  • True Friendship by Vaughan Roberts – ‘A biblical look at what true friendship is and an encouragement and challenge to achieve it.’ A really helpful short book about friendship.
  • Made For Friendship by Drew Hunter – ‘The relationship that halves our sorrows and doubles our joys’. A longer and more in-depth look at friendship.
  • Cheap Sex – ‘the transformation of men, marriage, and monogamy’ – if you need a terrifying read about what is going on in society and what the future may look like unless things change, read this book.
  • A Better Story by Glynn Harrison – “A critique of the sexual revolution and a presentation of the far superior Biblical vision of sex and relationships”
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