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Please note: This feature has been replaced by the Bible Study Livestream!

I have said many times that it’s important to read the Bible. I talked about this in the How to live as a Christian series. But I do understand the Bible can be an intimidating book to start reading – it’s big, and was written a long time ago. If you’re completely new to it, how can you learn to read the Bible? How do you get started?

That’s what this series is all about. I’m going to post a weekly video which goes through a part of the Bible, which (I hope) will give you some pointers as to how to read the Bible and understand it for yourself. I’m not just going to explain everything for you. You’ll have to do some work – that’s the point of it!

I will give you some pointers and talk through some of my thoughts processes. But you’ll have to think about this passage for yourself as well. I hope that this will help you learn to start reading the Bible – rather than giving you ‘all the answers’, it will teach you how to think about the Bible.

I’ve decided to start off with Mark’s Gospel, which is a great book to begin with even if you’re completely new to reading the Bible.

How to use these videos

  • Please do get your own Bible out and follow along in the Bible you normally use. It doesn’t matter whether you use a paper Bible or a digital one (e.g. Bible Gateway or app). I think paper Bibles are probably better, especially for beginners, but it’s your choice.
  • You might also find it helpful to have a pen and paper handy to jot things down.
  • Before you watch the video, pray and ask that God would help you to understand the Bible better.
  • Watch the video – it’s OK if you need to pause to go and look something up.
  • Read the passage again, and spend time thinking about the questions in the video.
  • Pray again, and ask God to help you put it all into practice.

Watch the videos

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