Pentecost – Church with UTB – 28th May 2023

I am away this week for Church with UTB, so I have suggested a sermon which I recorded in our church a couple of years ago about the Holy Spirit. (Sunday 28th May this year is Pentecost Sunday). I will be back on Sunday 4th June, and I have recorded a new sermon which will be available then.


Apologies that this sermon is audio-only.

Suggested songs

Bible readings


For a one-off Pentecost special, you might appreciate this session on the Holy Spirit from the Apostle’s Creed course.

Please do have a look at the Church with UTB page for a printable order of service and an online tool to help you find all the right videos / links etc.

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Pentecost – what does the Holy Spirit do?

Yesterday I was leading a service on the theme of Pentecost – “What does the Holy Spirit do”. The talk is in two parts, so instead of extracting the two talks you may see the whole service here – I hope you enjoy. (And I do apologise for the technical issues with the sound in the first song – the perils of livestreaming!)

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