No Sacred-Secular Divide | Psalm 65 Sermon

A sermon on Psalm 65 from one of our Harvest services. In this sermon I look at the idea of the sacred-secular divide. We find from Psalm 65 that there is no such thing – everything is spiritual.

A lot of people have two boxes: a “sacred” box, where they put things like prayer, Bible reading, church, etc. Then they have a “secular” box, where they put everything else – work, school, friends, family, etc. What Psalm 65 helps us to see is that we shouldn’t have such a distinction: everything in life is spiritual.

Read the passage online here.

If you’re looking for more content on the Psalms, check out the Thought for the Week – I have recently started working my way through the Psalms, doing a short (10-minute) reflection, with a prayer, each week.

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