Do you take Jesus seriously? – Matthew 7:21-29 Sermon

Do you take Jesus seriously? In the final part of the sermon on the mount, we think about the perils of claiming to be a Christian without taking Jesus seriously. We look at Jesus’ teaching about true and false disciples, as well as his famous parable of the wise and foolish builders.

Church with UTB: This is part of Church with UTB. Please do have a look at that page for a printable order of service and an online tool with some suggested songs etc.

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Are we doing discipleship wrong? – Luke 14:25-35

How does our evangelism and discipleship compare with Jesus? Have we succumbed in the 21st century to the bigotry of low expectations? This video is especially aimed at church leaders although I hope anyone can watch and appreciate.

The Speak Life interview with Alastair Roberts is here.

I have a page here on the website with information about Understand the Bible for churches.

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