The Holy Spirit (Heidelberg 20)

What can we know about the Holy Spirit, and why does it matter to us as Christians? The Apostle’s Creed doesn’t have much detail about the Spirit but in this session we look at a few Bible verses which help introduce us to the work of the Spirit.

There is just one Q&A in this session, as the Apostles’ Creed only has the line: “I believe in the Holy Spirit”! But we look into it in a bit more detail, as it’s vital to understand the Holy Spirit in the Christian life.

We focus in on these points:

  • The Spirit is eternal God, along with the Father and the Son;
  • He has been given to us personally;
  • He makes us share in Christ and his blessings;
  • He comforts us;
  • He is with us forever.

If you enjoy this, you can do the whole series right here on the website, or on the app (see links on the right hand side of the page). Alternatively, I am uploading them regularly to YouTube and Facebook. All sessions on YouTube are available on this playlist.

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