A servant of God – Practical Guide to Holiness #7

For most of us, our only experience of servants is what we watch on TV shows. But serving God is fundamental to the Christian life. In this session we think about choosing wisely who we serve, what it means to serve God, and then to serve other people.

Find out more about this course by watching the Introduction.

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2 thoughts on “A servant of God – Practical Guide to Holiness #7

  1. I’ve read that often, the term ‘servant’ is really a mistranslation of ‘slave.’ Indeed, there is a big difference. For example a servant can actually choose to have two masters (jobs) but a slave cannot. As Paul put it, we are slaves of sin or we are slaves of God. Your sermon is well presented; thanks.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! There’s definitely a nuance in the slave / servant distinction from the ancient world which we miss today. People today understandably think of the transatlantic slave trade, but that’s not the kind of slavery that was common in the ancient world. Slaves could hold high positions e.g. senior civil servants and so on. So slavery was a very different thing, and ‘servant’ is often a better translation.

      They key thing to our experience of slavery is which master we are serving – God or sin, as you mention.

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