Raising children in the faith

Raising children is important but a topic we don’t spend much time thinking about. How should we raise children in the faith? This is something which is important for both parents and non-parents, single people and families to look at.

Recommended resources

These are links to the resources I mention at the end of the video:

Did you know – you can do the How to Live as a Christian course right here on the website!

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Raising Children: Final part of How to Live as a Christian course

The final part of the course looks at how we should raise children. Passing the faith on to the next generation is key – how do we do it?

In this session we cover:

  • What the Bible says about children and families;
  • Some practical ways that parents can pass their faith on to children;
  • Some practical ways that the church can help;
  • Resources to help you.

This brings to a close the How to Live as a Christian course, which is now available to complete on the website or the app.

The How to Live as a Christian series is designed to help new (and not-so-new) Christians get up to speed about living in the way God wants us to. It’s designed to be practical, so that it’s not just all about the theory. You can now do the course on the website here.

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