#4 – Enduring Suffering and Persecution (2 Thess 1) | The Return of Christ

In the final part of the ‘Return of Christ’ series we look at 2 Thessalonians 1, which shows us how to endure suffering and persecution while we await Christ’s return.

Last week’s session was A life fit for the new creation (2 Peter 3).

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How to be ready for Jesus’ return – Luke 12:35-48

How can we be ready for Jesus’ return? In this video we study what Jesus taught his disciples about his return. When should we expect it? And how do we get ready for it?

Check out the page with resources I mention here.

Last week’s session was Life in the Messy Middle.

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Advent Reflection “Keep Watch” – Matthew 24:36-51

Advent is a season where we look back to Christ’s first coming, and look ahead to his second coming. It’s a good opportunity to remind ourselves that we are waiting, and consider whether we are making the most of our time. In this passage, Matthew 24:36-51, Jesus asks us to consider whether we are keeping watch, whether we are waiting well.

Read the passage online here.

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