Godly Relationships – Practical Guide to Holiness #20

In the previous session we thought about loving the church, but what about our other relationships? How should we relate to our family, friends, work colleagues, and so on? In this video we think about why relationships are fundamental and what they should look like.

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Ten Commandments #7 – Do not commit adultery

Christian attitudes to sex and relationships are often seen today as old-fashioned, even repressive. But that couldn’t be further from the truth – God wants to protect us from hurting ourselves and others, and to experience the joy of intimacy in a loving relationship.

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Marriage and Relationships – God’s way

Have you ever seen a film or TV show where someone was happily single? Our society tells us all the time that being in a relationship is the thing which matters most. But what dose the Bible say about marriage? How do we live as a Christian in this part of our lives?

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People, not stuff | Ecclesiastes 4:1-16 Sermon

A sermon on Ecclesiastes 4:1-16, part of a sermon series on Ecclesiastes preached at our church.

What makes us happy in the end? Is it more and more stuff? In this passage from Ecclesiastes, we hear about how we need to prioritise relationships over things.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong between us in the world – whether that’s something overt like oppression or even something like envy. How can we seek to get our priorities right to enjoy our lives the way God wants us to?

Read the passage online via Bible Gateway.

You can see last week’s sermon on the blog as well.

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