National Repentance – Joel 2:12-17 Sermon

Repentance is a word which has been conspicuously absent from our covid response over the last year. It’s one of the most important words in the Christian vocabulary! I believe we need to urgently consider what repentance means for us at this time.

This is a one-off sermon – we will return to the seven signs in John’s Gospel next week.

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Repentance: (4) Hatred of Sin | Psalm 97

I think many of us feel uncomfortable about saying that we hate anything – but yet the Bible does tell us to hate certain things.

The passage is online here:

The Doctrine of Repentance is available in lots of places online e.g. as a PDF here:

Sermon recorded as part of a livestream on the Great Clacton Parish YouTube channel.

Podcast available here.

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Repentance: (2) Confession – 1 John 1:5-10

This episode is only available on audio – you may listen to it online here.

The second part of the series in repentance (unfortunately I didn’t record the first part!) The passage is 1 John 1:5-10. 

The book I mention is called “The Doctrine of Repentance” by Thomas Watson, a puritan, and – because it is well out of copyright – is available for free online e.g. here. These sermons are based on his section “Ingredients of Repentance” – the first one we looked at was sorrow for sin.

Sermon preached at St Mark’s Church on Wednesday 11th March.

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