Repentance: (4) Hatred of Sin | Psalm 97

I think many of us feel uncomfortable about saying that we hate anything – but yet the Bible does tell us to hate certain things.

The passage is online here:

The Doctrine of Repentance is available in lots of places online e.g. as a PDF here:

Sermon recorded as part of a livestream on the Great Clacton Parish YouTube channel.

Podcast available here.

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What is Christianity? – 2: The Fall

Part two of a six-part series on the question “What is Christianity?” To answer the question we’ll look at a very brief overview of the whole Bible.

In this video we think about Genesis 3, one of the most important chapters in the Bible. We think about:

  1. What sin is,
  2. What sin does,
  3. How it explains the world.

If you don’t have a Bible you can get them online or via apps, e.g. the YouVersion Bible app, or The two Bible translations I mention are called the New International Version and the New Living Translation. You can read the Bible passage online here:

You may also listen to the audio-only version if you prefer.

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