The new creation – What is Christianity? (9)

What happens when we die? What will heaven be like? In the final part of this course, we look at the future. How do we get to be in the new creation? What is hell? And how should the future shape how we live now?

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The consequences of sin – Firm Foundations #20

“Actions have consequences” – especially so with sin. In this session we look at God’s wrath (anger) against sin, living in a fallen world, and punishment in hell.

Find out more about the Firm Foundations course by watching the Introduction. The previous session (part 19, on Original Sin) is here.

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Eternal Life – Apostle’s Creed #11

The majority of believe believe that there is some kind of eternal life – but what does it actually look like? There’s a lot of confusion on this even among Christians. In the final session of the creed we look at what eternal life will be like.

This is the final part of the course! You can do the whole course here on the website.

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What is Christianity? 6 – The Future

What is heaven going to be like? I’m sure almost everyone has an opinion on what lies beyond death. But what does the Bible have to say about it? In this final session of the What is Christianity course, we see how what the Bible says about the future draws everything else together.

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This is the last session of the What is Christianity? course 😢 But – don’t be sad! There’s still lots more to learn, and there’ll be lots more on Understand the Bible! Be happy! 😊

Next week I will be starting on a new version of the How to Live as a Christian course. This is nine sessions looking at how to live as a Christian. So – stay tuned! Do subscribe on YouTube or sign up to the mailing list to be notified of when it goes live.

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