Ten Commandments #8 – Do not steal

Today we’re looking at another commandment which is familiar to all of us. Maybe we think it’s even irrelevant as we’re not people who steal – but as with all the commandments, there’s a lot more to it…

If you’re looking for something more specifically about money, you might like the How to Live as a Christian episode Money & Giving. You may also like the Wisdom of Proverbs post about Wealth & Poverty.

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Understanding Money and Giving

The Bible has a lot to say about money. In this session we’re going to look at why it’s such an important issue, some principles of giving in the Bible, and how we can use our money in a godly way.

In the video I mention the book The Money Mentor which you might appreciate.

Did you know – you can do the How to Live as a Christian course right here on the website!

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Giving & Money – Living as a Christian part 7

In this video we look at the issue of money and giving. The Bible has a lot to say about how we use our money, and it’s an important part of the Christian life.

In this session we cover:

  • What the Bible has to say about money and the love of money;
  • The Old Testament principle of tithing;
  • The New Testament principle of generosity;
  • How we should put that into practice today.

This is part 7 of the “How to Live as a Christian” video course. In due course, this will be available as a as a course for you to complete as part of the teaching programme.

The How to Live as a Christian series is designed to help new (and not-so-new) Christians get up to speed about living in the way God wants us to. It’s designed to be practical, so that it’s not just all about the theory. You can check out all the videos so far on the YouTube playlist, or if you prefer you can read the whole series.

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Wisdom of Proverbs: Wealth and Poverty

One the best thing about Proverbs is its practical wisdom about everyday topics such as wealth and poverty. However, Proverbs is more than simply a self-help book – it is godly wisdom which seeks to put “the fear of the Lord” at the beginning. As we saw in the previous session on guidance, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Proverbs 1:7). Today we are going to look at how that works out with money / wealth and poverty.

This is a huge issue in our society: according to the Global Inequality website, the richest 1% of people own 44% of the world’s wealth. According to Oxfam, the wealth divide between the richest and the poorest in the world is steadily growing. Closer to home, in the UK about 20% of households are below average income. And yet, a lot of people chase after wealth – according to the Telegraph, 70% of UK adults (more than 32 million people) play the lottery on a regular basis – and 99% of winners play again, convinced they will win again.

Money and wealth play a huge role in our society. What does the the wisdom of Proverbs have to say about it?

Let me first just give a quick caveat: one of the problems with proverbial wisdom is that you can’t simply read off one verse and then ignore the other verses about wealth and poverty. Proverbs isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme! All of these things need to be taken into consideration together. With that in mind, here are seven short lessons about wealth from the wisdom of Proverbs.

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